Assignment 1: The Route

Janet Whitten

Prof. Rosen

ENG 1101-D323

November 24, 2014

Project #4: Aesthetic Mapping

Assignment 1: The Route

At the end of your day at City Tech, instead of racing to the train to head home take a quick detour to the East River. As you walk out of the front doors of City tech make a left and walk to the end of the block, then make a left on Tillary. As you walk up Tillary St , you should pass the Post Office and the Bankruptcy Court. Its pretty loud around this area, all the cars and their horns. However , it isn’t very crowded. The comparison of the amount of people and the volume of the noise doesn’t equate to most parts of Manhattan . There are one or two people coming from out of their apartment complex at the end of the block and a few more sitting quietly in the Korean War Veterans Plaza. Once you reach the end of Tillary, cross the street and walk along side the Park.

Oddly positioned next to the expressway filled with the noise of passing cars , the few people strolling through and even the man sitting with his friend don’t seem to be fazed by it. The park is filled with nature, trees and grass in every corner. Regardless of the noise, the park is calm and content. Turn to your left and cross the street and walk down Clark street. Automatically, things are different. In the shadow of the tall apartments in front, you begin to walk into what look to be an completely different Brooklyn, one that I have only heard of but, never seen. The picturesque streets look like they are straight out of a movie , untouched by time. Winter is coming and nearly all the leaves on the trees have fallen off, leaving the sidewalks filled with colorful leaves. Here , the streets are the closest to quiet i’ve heard anywhere besides my own neighborhood. There are cars on the street but, not as many but not a single horn is heard. The stores here even look different, odd fashioned, reminding me of areas in long island i’ve visit. As you continue to walk straight ahead, the scenery remain the same. Beautiful brownstone apartments and private homes, each very different but, somewhat the same. Each new house design playing apart in the greater community design. As you reach the water, there are no more apartments or homes and Clark street opens up into the Brooklyn bridge greenway that sit on top the highway. As you look out on to the water you can see everything and it all seems so calm and unreal.

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