Trip to AGIA


The trip to the AIGA gallery was amazing. It was very inspiring to see so many beautiful creations. Each design had its own meaning and history by the designers which captured many attentions. Three designers and designs that were very inspiring to me while I was exploring the AIGA gallery were Milton Glaser, Mirko Llic and Christopher Brand.

Milton Glaser’s design of the Crackpot Party and the Republican logo were very artistic. The democrats are represented by a tea pot yet, has a crack within it. The quote “we don’t hold water” states that the democrats will not take orders from other systems. The republican’s logo was very imaginative because of the shape of the design, it consist of the word “NO” which forms itself into the structure of an elephant. Both works contains the colors of the American flag and three stars representing America and its pride.

Mirko Llic’s art was very influential; its main purpose is to inform people that radioactive waste is causing major damages to the world. The work includes a structure of a chemical structure plus within the chemical structure there is an image of a skull. This gives a concept that radioactive waste is deadly and harmful. This artist gives a feeling that he is a part of the green party, wanting the world to be healthier and well for humans to live in.

Lastly the project of Christopher Brand is a very beautiful design. The design is created with the outline of the United States on a black background. Within the paper outline country contain the letters “I.O.U,” the O logo is a design created for the Obama campaign. By having a black background represents Obama race, the outline country represents America and the letters inside means that Obama will make America a better place to live because humans deserve a better home.

Thus, the trip was a very inspiring event to attend. Creativity never runs out, it just keeps on growing. By seeing so much art in this gallery it is proven to be true. This trip really helped me a lot with creating my designs for class. It is a really great reference to go to when creating logos. AIGA is one of the galleries that I would surely recommend to others.

3 Visual Quotes

My quote was from Coco Channel because i admire that she is the first female to set her own band of sales in products. The main theme in these concepts are bright colorful warm colors and the uses of white and black since, that is Channel’s signature style.

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