Project 3

Take Screenshot of Patty the Pigeon


Patty has lived in Chicago all her life but she has always wanted to see the world. One sunny afternoon Patty overhears three geese talking about migrating south and she gets an idea. Patty decides she’s going to migrate to New York City and see what makes the city so special. Patty arrives in New York City and lands at the Statue of liberty where she meets her first friend, a rooster named Francois, who tells her all about the Statue of Liberty and what it has to offer. Francois then sends patty on her way to see the other sites the city has to offer where she meets more New York natives to assist her. Join Patty on her adventure around New York City as she meets new friends who teach her about some of the most notable landmarks in New York!

This fun and interactive fiction is the perfect classroom tool for educators or parents aiming to teach students grades K-5 about the history of New York City. The story is animated and and colorful which is appealing to young users but encompasses facts and history to appeal to parents and teachers. The featured map allows users to track Patty’s journey as well as see an aerial view of the city, like patty would see.

This work of fiction was created by student authors, Mariah Rajah, Samantha Pezzolanti, Jodieann Stephenson and Pamela Drake. All four team members are currently Professional & Technical Writing majors at New York City College of Technology (CUNY) and thus project was created for their Digital Storytelling course

Click to Play Patty the Pigeon Takes New York City