A Brief Introduction

For this video project, we had to give an introduction about ourselves as young artists. We were also allowed to show our works and/or make and auto biography. Another factor in this video project was to be able to acknowledge the file formats provided when exporting video and ways to compress it.

In my video, I give a brief introduction about my self and I show the works I have done so far at City Tech. This was a very enjoyable project because I am always challenging myself when it comes to editing. Even though it was a short forty second video, the process behind it was long. I understand how it is better to use videos that are horizontal, but I intentionally used a vertical moving image for my credits. I was also able to incorporate two vertical videos side by side so they didn’t appear out of place. Lastly, I added sound effects of a camera shutter whenever a work was shown. Some difficulties that usually occur when editing is mostly with audio. I love sound editing, and I tend to pick at the smallest different in decibels or displacements when there are various cuts.

As for the video aspect, I did not want to make something too static so I knew I had to incorporate motion of some kind. I recently got back into motion graphics so I used both Adobe After Effects and Premiere as platforms to edit. Most of the content in the video are still images but through After Effects I was able to have them move. My opening was recorded in slow motion and the credits is a live image set to loop.

I had a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy!