Sears, Jennifer. “Pagophagia, 1912.” Wikimedia Foundation. Heart of Knowledge. Issue 1. Web/e-zine. July 2019. Short story published with winners of the Wikimedia Foundation’s international  Heart of Knowledge Contest. In this international contest, writers were to send work that responds to the importance of “open access” knowledge for writers and artists. My story, “Pagophagia, 1912,” is about a wife’s misgivings after her husband purchases tickets for the RMS Titanic in spring 1912.


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The Interrogator Recites a Love Song

Cover art: Plympton: The Interrogator Recites a Love Song

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Publication_Everything That's Something Must Be From Chicago

Hemingway Shorts 2018

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Foragers by Jennifer Sears

Foragers: Cover by Electric Literature

Sears, Jennifer. “Foragers.” Electric Literature. Recommended Reading.Issue 248. Feb. 15, 2017.

On the Power and Prison of Gender-Electric Literature

Artwork from Electric Literature-The Power and Prison of Gender

“Foragers” appears also on Electric Literature’s curated list:

On the Power and Prison of Gender

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Writer Mary Gaitskill


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Excerpt from "Hem" by Jenny Saville

From “Hem” by Jenny Saville, Guernica Magazine

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Prayer Song for Johnny Cash-Cosmonauts Avenue

Prayer Song for Johnny Cash-Cosmonauts Avenue

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The Body Confesses-Scoundrel Time

Image: “The Body Confesses” in Scoundrel Time