Visual Quote Project

“I Failed My Way To Success.” – Thomas Edison

For my sketches, I wanted to figure out the best way to express what I see when I read the quote. I started with by writing the words across the page. I saw that it coincidently made a line char showing some small dips but progressively increasing. For the second sketch, I thought about “bouncing back” when you’re going through difficult times. At first I thought this would work but the subject became the illustration rather than the quote. For the last sketch, I kept thinking about how the word fail associates with tests and exams. So I decided to make the quote into an equation, showing the long process of someone who keep’s trying until they get their result.

This was my first digital draft. I kept it simple while still trying to convey the quote. There was some minor confusions with the word “to” since it comes after “success”. So for my updated version my goal was to add more detail and try to make the quote work better.

For my final, I resigned the quote in the equation to read like its supposed to. I added green to show the final result being success and to show some contrast from the message the quote expresses. In the background, I added chalk erasing’s to show how people make mistakes and have more detail in the image.