Journal Post


I started my internship two or three weeks ago. I have spoken to Neil and my first takes had to was to create a couple of different letterhead’s design. Unity for equality are located in Flushing NY and I’m currently working from home do to the coronavirus. The are public to the world to go to and for internship as well. Well I can’t describe the customers since I’m not inside there building. The business of Unity Of Equality was founded in 2016 in New York City. There mission is to work with individuals from all over the original to help build economically stable and sustainable communities for students ,minorities ,elderly and even immigrants. The department I’m working in the company is the graphics design, which I work with other graphic designer and share out through and feedback to make our work better.


My job for working with unity for equality is a graphic designer. How I came out know them, is from my professor, she was helping me out to look for an internship. So I ha e gotten the internship about a month ago and everything is going very well Minor the ups and downs with my supervisor. So my first task for the internship job was to make a letter head, which he told my it’s a huge deal and told me to create like 8 different one. So I worked on the letterhead for about 3 or 4 days because I need to make sure my design and text is correct and I get feed back from my friends.


#3 So I have send him my work for him to prove on it. So he lied my work and I now have to send him an edited file for him to put his signature on the page. So I went back into all the files for the letter head and fixed all of them for him to put his signature on the page. So after all I send it to him, I haven’t heard back from him in awhile. So I got an emailed from his assistant saying that he had an collapsed lung, so, and he was going to take over for him for awhile until he is better.


#4 So after what happened to him. His assistant came into play I worked with him or about 4 or 5 days. So, he gave me a task to create a brochure for the website, which is Unity For Equality. So, I have created the two front and inside and designed it the best that seems to fit the for the brochure. After I have finalized it and shows it to my friend to get feedback on it and change what I have to change. And it everything is clear to go, I’ll emailed him a PDF file and I’m done.


#5 So after they long day I took couple of hours of not doing any work until late at night. So after that brochure I did, I had a another task which was to great a brochure/postcard for Unity For Equality that people will get in the mail. I designed the front and back and put test that help stop the spread of The covid-19. So after all the corrections and any mistakes I made, I fixed it and send to him as my finished project.


#6 So the days are going well and doing my work to my fullest. So I had a video chat with my supervisor/Internship worker and we were talking about an app we all using to make sure our work had deadline and if we need any help we can ask the people on the app for help, so there wouldn’t be so much stress on yourself. So we disgust my new work I have to due and I got right to it.