Blog Post

Entry 1

So before class even started I already had an internship in mind to take. But I didn’t know if it gives college credit towards my internship class. But I was still undecided of what I wanted to do, either Graphic design or 3D Animation. I was more into 3D animation since I took a 3D class and I enjoy learning and building objects or even a model I have done. So I wanted to get an internship focusing around 3D design/animation because I want to get better at it and get more experience even when I didn’t take part 2 of that class.


Entry 2

So, the second day I class I was debating what I want to do for my internship. It sometimes hard to find one because there isn’t much 3d animation internship but a lot more of graphic design. So I started to look for some little by little to see what they have to offer. Some of them seem interesting and some don’t. But I haven’t really sent my resume out either to see if I get an internship because I don’t know what I wanted to do for my internship. Sometimes it’s frustrating on what to pick and how to pick one fast before it’s to late for me to get in internship.


Entry 3

Week 3, I finally chosen what I want to do for my internship. I decided to do graphic design since I’m pretty much good at it and I know more of it then 3d design/animation. But I do like 3d animation. So I saw a few on indeed for Graphic design and Animation but some of them won’t be open until June or August of this year. So I was upset at that since I thought I had a chance to get one but nope. So I’m hoping to land an internship soon because I’ll be in trouble if I can’t find one.


Entry 4

So I have applied to a couple of internships hoping to land one but I haven’t heard from one yet. It’s been going decently cause some of the internship needs a portfolio and which I don’t really have one but I’m working on one right now. So I have applied to ca couple of internship and haven’t heard from them yet cause it takes about a week or 2 to process the application. But most of the internship required portfolio which I don’t really have but I’m working on it so I can have something to show and land internship as quickly as I can. I know it’s almost at my dead line for an internship but in trying hard to find one fast so I don’t have to drop this class cause I couldn’t find one.


Entry 5

So I still haven’t found an internship yet , which it isn’t good for me. So now this virus is going around and I wonder if there are going to be internships or not but I’m trying my best to find one real fast cause I don’t won’t to fail my class. I have also email my professor for some help and she haven’t given my a couple of internships spots that had previous students from out college. One of them I have recent apply for but the I didn’t have a portfolio, so I think I got an email say they wouldn’t proceed further with my application.


Entry 6

So I still continue to look for one but as of right now they have closed down all colleges do to the coronavirus and now we have to do all my class online which is a good and bad thing cause it will be had to get feed back. Its going to take sometime getting adjusted to doing work from home instead doing it in school. But Im up for the challenge to do my very best.

Entry 6.5 hope case HOPE CASE! 


Entry 7 Photoville

I went to photoville last semester. This photo was taken Ketevan, this picture caught my attention due to the pinkish with some gray tone sky. I don’t know it the sky was really like this but it’s fantastic to see something like that in person. And that that capture it at a right time of day. This is the first time I ever went there and I didn’t know about it, but it was very interesting to see different types of photos, not including film or entertainment but it different emotions through photo and maybe a story as well. But my over experiences it was fun and I enjoy it.

2 App Review


The app I used to have is called last pass? With last you are able to store your passwords within the app so you won’t forget it. LastPass is one of the greatest app that I have used. There’s some solid rivalry out there, yet it’s still simple to perceive how LastPass remains on top. The administration finds some kind of harmony of giving numerous highlights without overpowering the client with alternatives, and the product is natural and quick over various upheld stages. The only down side about using this app is that if you don’t remember your password when you open it it’s a huge problem cause it won’t let you forget password, you have to contact support to help you rest the password and it may take days to respond. That’s the only reason I stopped using it because I forgot my password and it was a hassle to get my password back.
The second app/software I used was Inkscape. It another alternative software to use for photo or anything else. But I used it for a couple of hours and I really enjoyed it. There something on here that different from Photoshop that I have created and I don’t think Photoshop has that. I just got to get use to using it to familiar myself with it. But overall I say that I let over people know about this app so they can try it for themselves and see if they enjoy it or not.
Hope Case Final Paper: