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120 hours complete and one news letter finished . . .

I completed the 120 hours right after we had started working on the July edition of the newsletter, I was not going to just drop everything and leave so I decided to stay and finish what I have started…. but instead of finishing what I started I actually got even more work, my supervisor told me they wanted to keep me around because they liked my work ethic.

Now I am currently finishing the July newsletter, this time I am also in charge of putting it together and design some of the inside spreads as well. I am also working on designing a logo for hour “hall of fame”, redesigning our business cards, working on certificates and last but not least, designing the invitations for our gala at the end of the year.


Below is some of the spreads I designed for the July newsletter.

P.s. Again I don’t know why this website keeps changing the colors. The fear the shark spread is supposed to be a solid green-blue color I am not sure why it looks like a gradient.

Last hours before its due…

After I ended up designing 4 spreads in total. My supervisor reached out to me asking me if I could quickly design 2 more spreads. I explained that I was at work and I would not be home until 8:00pm that night. He didn’t mind as long as I got them done within the next 24 hours, I could of turned it down because I had other projects going on as well but since I didn’t have to write the articles for these last two I said I would do it. Later that night I got home and got to work immediately on the two spreads but of course with such a tight deadline I did not want to sacrifice the quality of my work so after a few hours of trying to design these spreads I gave up for the night because I was not getting anywhere and I couldn’t think of any interesting designs. so I slept on it woke up next morning draft up something really quick and my supervisor liked it and was approved.


After all that, the spread did not make it into the newsletter. There was some miscommunication between the writer of the article and my supervisor so my supervisor decided to leave them both out. But I have the satisfaction of saying that I had them completed and approved on time.

My first Project

The first week, we went over new marketing strategies that we would later on implement into our marketing campaign. But first, the June news letter needed to be finished. My supervisor split the work evenly between the team. I got assigned the “evolution of social media” spread and the “cyber bullying spread”. I am used to receiving the articles and just having to worry about the design aspect. But because we do not have a copy writer on sight we have to do the research and writing of the articles ourselves.  I thought this helped me come up with a design for each article because since I had written the articles I knew the message and tone of each article so it made the design process easier. Although, it takes a lot more time to write then edit and finally design these articles rather than just having to worry about the design aspect.

P.s. I do not know why the “stay connected” spread is displaying as a really bright cyan its fine everywhere else except when i uploaded here it changes the colors I’m not sure why.

First day of internship

At the start of the class I did not have an internship, but thanks to the professor I landed an interview. A day later I met with the president of the company and talked about the company and what was expected of me. A day later I got a call back to attend a business meeting with chairman of the board and the rest of the team to discuss our six month plan. After the meeting, the public relations team sat with the president to discuss what we would be doing and what was expected of us. It was clear that there was a lot to accomplish the next upcoming weeks, things like monthly news letters, launching new programs and services, updating and using social media for marketing.

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