The power and influence of Netflix is hard to ignore. “I binge watched an entire season of my favorite series in Netflix, all while munching on a large packet of crisps.” ( Elli Jacobs, How Binge-Watching Netflix can make you fat”, July 20,2018)

Netflix is one of the most used apps in the world to watch new movies and TV shows. Those who frequently use the app are aware of certain phrases and sometimes false claims such as: ” one more episode”, “alright one more snack”, and last but not least, ” I only been here for an hour!” In reality, you watch 7 more episodes, eat 3 more snacks and have actually been there on your phone or the couch for half the day. Most people don’t see the immediate problem however, this can lead to extreme health issues and even social issues. Depression, obesity, diabetes, and insomnia are examples of such issues.