UFT Report



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UFT Report



The United Federation of Teachers was not an easy place for me to find that day. After finally arriving there I was relieved. As I walked in it felt like a corporate business place. It took about thirty minutes for the tour to begin. Once it got started, we were being escorted downstairs towards the basement where all the magic happens. In the basement was a workshop where the people that work there produce files of people’s work and schools of New York City. They even have a roll in aiding in the postal service.


The Epson 9880 system is my favorite machine that caught my attention on this trip. It’s a printer that prints enhanced colors. It realistic details of enriched color when printing posters. There also was a machine that lets you make a precise cut for any printout. It has a certain mode where you put your fingers underneath the blade and it doesn’t cut you which is pretty cool.


This trip was a fun and it made me see printing in a whole new aspect in the design world. Sure there is plenty of competition out there but that is not going to stop me from doing the thing I love most. I just have to keep pushing myself forward to the next level.

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