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There were some moments that I was stuck on, but professor helped me out. There some assets that were expensive like buying a horror forest pack, logs, etc. I used trees and grass textures that professor show us on our last class.

  • Install Terrain tool and then imported free speed trees, grass flowers, and fantasy sky box free.
  • Made mountains in the background using Sculpt/Noise. Then switch it to paint textures and add layers of dirt, sand, and rock.
  • Added dirt on the ground, and rock on the mountain.
  • For trees, I added  broad leaf mobile on my scene. Placing them on the ground and on the mountain.
  • For grass, I added grass 02 on the ground.
  • Place the main camera where you’ll see the mountains on the background and trees in front of you.
  • Making the road, I simply erase the grass straight and curve.
  • For direction light, the type is spot and change the color to light blue
  • In lighting, the source of the sky box is FS000 night 02 from the fantasy sky box free
  • In lighting, I used fog  for the background, matching the sky and the light.


It was a little hard of making something from my imagination. Space pop out of my hand because not everyone in this world hasn’t gone to space. I know some people would put something in space that doesn’t exist. In my work, I use cylinder, square, tree textures on 3-D object, and capsules. Terrain had some option, yet I’d tried making the exact same look of the moon. However, beside looking at the moon, I’d thought adding the tree. Reasons, as our knowledge grow constantly, there’s possibility of making trees on the moon. In terrain, you can see how the moon are attached of the trees. The Earth doesn’t look perfect, but it’s something I hope I can improve from the professor. The light was something I had to focus on if I wanted the Earth have darkness at the bottom of the planet


Step 1: Choice black for your sky box

Step 2: Direction light hits circle and terrain

Step 3: Add color blue on the circle, green on the capsule, and white on the cylinder

Step 4: Select tree textures from the 3 D object

Step 5: Make terrain be attach of the tree texture

Step 6: Make square be on top of the tree texture, and change the color green



We can never forget theses brave people in those events that impacted the history. A history that we are still fighting to this day.  It’s always best to remind people that we’re not perfect, but animals.

Sperm Whale and a Giant Squid

Of course it’s dark in deep ocean. We barely explore uncharted places and don’t know what’s going on down there. Many weird figures of creatures in deep ocean that can be twice bigger than the empire state building. Their behaviors and their actions. Overall, it’s a whole new world, and many questions are not yet answer. 


An audio I, Aleia, and Harrison  work on putting funny sound effects in a tragic events.

Music/Sounds Mix

A little mix of those who change the society. Belongs from the documentary. And music that has smooth violin .