There were some moments that I was stuck on, but professor helped me out. There some assets that were expensive like buying a horror forest pack, logs, etc. I used trees and grass textures that professor show us on our last class.

  • Install Terrain tool and then imported free speed trees, grass flowers, and fantasy sky box free.
  • Made mountains in the background using Sculpt/Noise. Then switch it to paint textures and add layers of dirt, sand, and rock.
  • Added dirt on the ground, and rock on the mountain.
  • For trees, I added  broad leaf mobile on my scene. Placing them on the ground and on the mountain.
  • For grass, I added grass 02 on the ground.
  • Place the main camera where you’ll see the mountains on the background and trees in front of you.
  • Making the road, I simply erase the grass straight and curve.
  • For direction light, the type is spot and change the color to light blue
  • In lighting, the source of the sky box is FS000 night 02 from the fantasy sky box free
  • In lighting, I used fog  for the background, matching the sky and the light.