It was a little hard of making something from my imagination. Space pop out of my hand because not everyone in this world hasn’t gone to space. I know some people would put something in space that doesn’t exist. In my work, I use cylinder, square, tree textures on 3-D object, and capsules. Terrain had some option, yet I’d tried making the exact same look of the moon. However, beside looking at the moon, I’d thought adding the tree. Reasons, as our knowledge grow constantly, there’s possibility of making trees on the moon. In terrain, you can see how the moon are attached of the trees. The Earth doesn’t look perfect, but it’s something I hope I can improve from the professor. The light was something I had to focus on if I wanted the Earth have darkness at the bottom of the planet


Step 1: Choice black for your sky box

Step 2: Direction light hits circle and terrain

Step 3: Add color blue on the circle, green on the capsule, and white on the cylinder

Step 4: Select tree textures from the 3 D object

Step 5: Make terrain be attach of the tree texture

Step 6: Make square be on top of the tree texture, and change the color green