Can’t Print This

An example of a technology that can be an has been abused is the electric printer/photocopier. Xerox was the first copier to hit the market in 1959. The first electric printer was invented in 1968 by a well-known company called Epson. It served as a way to bring whatever was on screen into the real world. With every advancement of technology there’s always a way to exploit it on the horizon. One way that the photocopier/printer was and still is (in some inner circles) exploited is by using it to make counterfeit currency. Counterfeit currency is as old as money itself. In earlier times (~600 B.C.) counterfeiters use to engage in such practices as shaving the edges of coins and mixing other metals into coins to further stretch the amount of money they could make. With the photocopier and printer counterfeiters are now able to print money. Its way easier said than done but not impossible. One way that governments try to counteract this is by incorporating a marker on the respective bill. When printers see this marker, they immediately stop printing the bill and what comes out will just look like a slither of a bill.

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