This image is from a game I played growing up called Little Big Planet. In the game, you have the freedom to create, share and modify almost anything. This image inspires me to never stop creating and to never lose my child-like imagination because it’s the key to innovation
This image served as my desktop background for a while. I loved how the robot is tinkering away in their shop. I see myself in this image because I too am surrounded by so many pieces and projects that I continue to tinker with day and night
Whenever I see this image I think of Pandora from the Avatar movie. There’s beauty in nature untouched. Its vibrant and all interconnected much like we are. Nature inspires and will always continue to inspire innovations in technology
Its a taco running and falling…simple. When life knocks you down, just get back up and keep going. getting up isn’t always easy and takes time…that’s ok because when you do you’ll be happy you did