For our last project, we had to choose a quote either from a song, movie, a person etc. Ultimately, I chose the quote by Paul Gaugin “I shut my eye, in order to see”. I learned about the French impressionist painter during Art class in 9th grade. I remember this specific quote stood out to me and still does. My interpretation of the quote is when the eyes are closed then one can center themselves. For example, when I practice yoga and meditation, I can envision in my mind my dreams, or what happened earlier in the day or what I could see happen in the future. Creatively speaking, Paul Gaugin probably could see clearly by using his visual memory to recreate a moment or the feeling of a moment on to canvas. I personally like to create art without seeing the actual subject. In this quote, I see the comma playing a main factor in the typography and how the type is aligned. Because the quote was said during the late 1800’s-early 1900’s, I want to incorporate an old-time font. I’d also like to bring forward eye designs in the postcard.

Below are few thumbnail sketches correlating to the quote. I wanted to create a few designs before I finalize on the postcard. I’ve included emphasis on “I shut my eyes” and “in order to see” in some of them. I’ve also incorporated some eye designs but want to have a simplistic look. When creating in InDesign, I’d like to add texture and cool tones to have to postcard pop.

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