I will be filming Linneth Marquez. Linneth (Linn for short) was born in Venezuela on May 14, 2002. She moved to the hustling and bustling of New York City, five years ago! One of my first conversations with Linn, naturally resulted in the discussion of our tattoos. We were interested to learn what is are most meaningful/sentimental permanent piece(s) of art on etched forever in our skin. Linn doesn’t have one but 2 favorite tattoos. I really would love to bring her tattoos as the focus and what they symbolize. The software I will use to compose and edit my video will be on Adobe Premiere Pro. I do believe it will be most ideal for capturing the images and videos I envision. I will be focusing on detailed close-up shots with a complementary background to give a simplistic clean look which will make the tattoos pop. I can envision her wearing fun spunky/colors to reflect her story and personality as well as complimenting/contrasting the background too. I would love to have a balance of nude colors with hints of colors. I really want the video to radiate her energy but at the same time, chill.

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