Title: Inked: Linns Tale

Director: Jeeniya Dewan

Actor 1: Linneth Marquez

Location: Long Island City, Greenwich Village, Linn’s home

Scene 1: LIC

  • Time lapse of the sunset over NYC.
  • Song Cue.
  • Title Cue.
  • Director credit cue.

Scene 2: Greenwich Village

  • Close up on disco ball.
  • Introduce the audience to the story
  • Cue voice over,

Scene 3: LIC

  • Cue video of portrait.
  • Introduce the audience of topic of tattoo.
  • Cue voice over.

Scene 4: LIC

  • Close up on video of eucalyptus plant.
  • Voice over continues to this scene.
  • Introduction of the first tattoo.

Scene 5: Linneths home. Actress on screen.

  • Clip of rose tattoo behind Linns neck.
  • Voice over continues.
  • Voice over ends.

Scene 6: LIC

  • Clip of second tattoo drawn.
  • Introduce the second tattoo.
  • Cue voice over.

Scene 7: Linneths home. Actress on screen.

  • voice over continues.
  • Voice over end.

Final Scene: Cue Credits.


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