The brand I’m selection to create my timeline is Scotch & Soda.


The brands purpose is to create a space of ultimate expression, embracing the free spiritedness of Amsterdam. “Effortlessly connecting the unexpected with expected”, the brand is heavily focused on sustainability and using a blend of sustainable organic fabric and synthetic fibers.

Scotch and Soda was created in 1985.

Scotch and Soda made its debut in 1985, in Amsterdam by 24 year old Laurent Hompes. He started what is now a global retail brand focusing on well dressed people of all ages. The current global CEO is Frederick Lukoff and the CEO for North America is Karis Durmer.

The current logo, was renewed in March 2021. The logo embodies and embraces the symbol of identity and harmony. The craftsman ship and detail to the logo is visibily apparent. The “S” initial is designed in a way where the tip of the letter resembles a needle point and the diaphomous movement of a thread attached to the needle.

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