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Takashi Murakami

The reason I choose Takashi Murakami is because his designs are very colorful and cheerful even though sometimes he may add some designs that aren’t considered cute or cheerful.His art has many different styles that caught my attention he doesn’t just focus on one style he varies and isn’t afraid to try new form of designs and has been very successful.


Takashi Makurakami is a Japanese contemporary artist who is  one of the most popular artists in this generation due to his design and his collaboration with other artists and influencers.Murakami earned a BA,MFA and PhD from Tokyo University Of  the Arts he studied nihonga “traditional japanese painting”. Murakami invented many cartoon characters that contain popular cartoons from Japan and other countries as well.Takashi designs consist of anime,sci-fi,japanese painting and global art market.Many of Murakami sculptures and paintings have repeating motifs his own creations this calls many people’s attention his designs stand out due to them being very colorful as well.His work extends to keychains mass produce items such as toys t-shirts.


He created a style called Superflat in 2000 emphasized two dimensional forms and bold he gave birth to an artistic movement known as superflat which is interaction between commercial and art worlds.Some of his designs that he’s created are very well known smiling flowers,bears,and lions.He merges his work different time periods and styles in his work in which he pushes his designs to be different he’s hosted many galleries and art fairs.

KaiKai Kiki Co

In 1996 he established the Hiropon Factory a studio that in years grew to later on into a art production and artist management company known as KaiKai Kiki Co. Ltd.Through the company Murakami has helped many young artists gain international exposure through exhibits and producing and selling merchandise and organizing a biannual art festival and convection in tokyo.In 2008 KaiKai Kiki turned the basement beneath its Tokyo office into an art gallery.


Some of his collaborations are with Billie Eilish,Kanye West,Kid Cudi and Marc Jacob (artistic director) Louis Vuttion,Pharell Williams and google and many more.

Louis Vuitton

In 2002 he started a multiyear collaboration with Marc Jacobs on redesign of Louis Vuitton he incorporated Vuitton monogram and patterns into his paintings and sculptures as well.

Kanye West and Kid Cudi

In 2007 Takashi created an album with Kanye West and Kid Cudi ,Kids See Ghost this is his collaboration with west he also created an album cover design for Graduation.

Work from Takashi Makurakami

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