Postcard Projects

For this project our job was to pick quotes that inspire us, and create images for it using photos and typographic designs.The quotes I used was from Iron Man,Nikki Sixx and Vincent Van Gogh

This is a quote from Iron Man from the Movie Avengers Endgame “I love you 300″is first said from his daughter from when he records his final video just in case he doesn’t return home to her after the battle.What I wanted to do was put a background that resemble space but at the same time in a melting paint background.For type I wanted to keep the colors Iron man has on his suit I didn’t want the type to be just going across so I put them inside a circle in order to have more visual.

This quote is from Nikii Sixx from the rock band Motley Crue they were known to be a a band that loved to party and live the rockstar life.I wanted to focus on the way the type looked and curved the letters to make them look like a wave.

The quote is from Vincent Vangoh I added the added the text to the circle to curve the letters I choose the light teal color in order to jump out from the background.

This is another design from the quote from Vincent Vangoh kept this one more simple and added the paint brush stroke behind the type in order to make the stand out even though the type is pink .