This is from/Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko:

Apparently it was from a COMD internship class. in which even anna crull (from one of my previous classes, in the fall 2021 semester)was in it too.

According to this link: Geoff was expressing the importance of how wwe can define a brand to the best of our ability.

He was also saying that: “Those great thoughts that have been populated so right, we know that brand is more than logo yes identity is is a critical component, but it stretches beyond.” “That, no matter how iconic that logo might be, and we know it’s more than a sound right netflix has done an amazing job is one of the pioneers of Sony branding and thinking about how we.” Showing the apple and netflix logos for example.

When he said sony branding talking about netflix, i didn’t actually understand it. Only because those are literally 2 different companies to be fair.

He also asked “if you think about your favorite brand, what would you miss most if it disappeared overnight?” It can also be brands (plural) because there can probably be some people, maybe myself, for instance, who likes more than one of ’em.

Now if i was in that class i would really say, that it depends on how it looks, whether it’s ugly, pretty or meh, it really depends what the company wants if you think about it. Just to appeal to their target audiences, with what colors, fonts and graphic elements, (to name a few) that they want from the design firm, which are the same people they hired, to create the brand identity, in the first place.

I would also ask why would they make that decision in the first place.

Those were just some things i wanted to point out about that recording.

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