Course Promos

These course promos were promotional projects I created to upload on the Gender and Sexuality Program’s Instagram account. The purpose of making these visuals’ is to inform City Tech students and faculty about upcoming Fall, Spring, and Summer courses. I used the app Phonto to digitally design each piece of work. 

Skills used: Digital design and Information architecture 

Tools used: Phonto

Elevator Pitch – Dream of Hell Trailer

For this project, I was asked to make an elevator pitch for a topic of my choice. I was given this assignment in my Writing with New Media Course. The ultimate topic I chose was to create an elevator pitch for a trailer for a movie.

Pitch: Imagine a college student who constantly daydreams – only that one day during class, they get trapped in their dreamscape.  My trailer is called ‘Dream of Hell’ and tells the story of a college student trapped, finding their way back to reality after a tortuous horror-based realistic dream.

I learned narrative digital storytelling such as This project required me to use my digital filmmaking and technical writing skills to produce a video trailer and script for my elevator pitch. 

Skills used: Digital filmmaking, technical writing, digital narrative, filmography, and script writing 

Tools used: YouTube, iPhone, iMovie, Cute Cut Pro and Google Docs

City Tech’s Gender and Sexuality Instagram Account

@citytechgss • Instagram photos and videos

For this project, I was tasked to manage the Gender and Sexuality Program’s Instagram account. The purpose was to create an account where City Tech students could get up-to-date information about the Gender and Sexuality Studies program. To make the account successful, I kept the account organized with information, designed colorful content to appeal to the user’s eye, and focused on technical communication, like formulating links and providing detailed information to adhere to everyone’s needs. 

Skills used: Technical writing, technical communication, information architecture, deep analysis, content development, & management

Tools used: Instagram & Link Tree

Restroom Key Map

For this project, I was tasked to make a directional keymap for the student bathrooms in the Namm Complex at City Tech. I was assigned to finish this project within a timeframe of 8 hours. I used my experience of instruction writing and design making to help create this project. The directional key map focused on making clear instructions for students for easy navigation. 

Skills used: Instruction writing, technical writing, time management, and dependability

Tools used: Phonto & printer