Case statement, Portfolio assignment #1

In this one i revised what you told me, i explained the “why” furthermore at the end of the document, I explained why they should invest, saying that my expertise and entrepreneurial Ā mindset could pull it off. I definitely think it’s a much better idea than the first one I had which was unrealistic. I hope this was a good idea overall and that it follows the guidelines that you established.


case statement

Value proposition, Portfolio assignment #2

I did what you suggested professor, to keep it more concise and with me at the center of the whole argument that iā€™m making, i feel like i was able to find better terms to describe many things as well as keep it all about me like the assignment indicated, I explainedĀ the tools that graphic design provided me with but kept it as a supporting argument like you recommended it. I also changed the color from a bright red to a light red to not tired the eye as much. I hope this is better than the last one.

value proposition

Resume and Cover letters, Portfolio assignment #3

I did not revise the minor issues with the design of the resume, you said that I didn’t need to do it to earn my grade, however it’s something that i will work on during my christmas break as I believe it’s important to have the best resume possible. I did revise the cover letters, I couldn’t find the part for “Live Nation entertainment” in which they talk about the type of person they want, however I did remember most of it and they talk about entrepreneurial mindset and such, so i utilized this information more than before. I also included all the pdf’s in the same file, to not make my audience work as hard like you suggested. I hope this is better than what I had before.

Resume and Cover Letters

Student’s choice, Portfolio assignment #4

In this document I wanted to discuss City tech’s problem with not utilizing equipment and staff properly. I understand that they are investing more than $500 millions, however thousands of students will graduate before taking advantage of the installations that are undergoing construction, project that it’s been paid in part because of all the current students that pay thousands in tuition, so it’s unfair for us, that city tech doesn’t provide better organization. An issue that i didn’t cover was the amount of equipment not working in the student lab and the software not being repaired, I believe city tech should focus on communicating better and providing better maintenance before paying hundreds of millions of dollars that will only benefit future students. I got an A on this assignment so I didn’t revise it.


Memo of Advice portfolio assignment #5

Hello Professor, I wanted to give students an idea of what they are going to encounter, don’t get me wrong, you are an excellent professor, but your gave me the wrong impression at first, I thought about dropping the class so many times because you kept on saying how hard the class was going to be, which it was but it was manageable. I’m glad I didn’t, I learned a lot so I wanted to tell future students the importance of the class. I didn’t revise this document at all, it’s the same i post on blackboard.

memo for future students


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