Khaia Hunte

Professor Paruolo

English 1101 LC46

23rd September 2019

Essay #1, Draft #3

Part I 

Merriam- Webster Dictionary

Global adjective

glob·​al | \ ˈglō-bəl  \

Definition of global



: of, relating to, or involving the entire world : WORLDWIDE

a global system of communication

global economic problems

global warfare



: of or relating to a spherical celestial body (such as the moon)

For the Moon, the early formation of global crust was accompanied and succeeded for several hundred million years by a massive influx of projectiles …

— James W. Head


: of, relating to, or applying to a whole (such as a mathematical function or a computer program) : UNIVERSAL

a global search of a file

Global search and replace can be harnessed to make this correction throughout the file almost instantaneously.

— Shay Addams


of a medical condition : being particularly severe or encompassing in nature : having or exhibiting a broad or nearly complete effect

… West suffered a stroke that left him with global aphasia: an inability to produce words or to understand words spoken to him.

— Alison McCulloch

The two other cases presented with milder characteristics, displaying global developmental delay and seizures.

The Albany (Georgia) Herald


: having the shape of a globe : SPHERICAL

a global mass


Part II.

In some cases the word “global” means to get around or pass around. It can also mean to travel or to move to another location.  People often refer to “global” communities in terms of the internet and different subsets of it. E.g Black Twitter.


            Part III

Global Communities

What is a global community? To begin with, what is a community? It is more than just an organization of people that live within the same area. It could be people that live within the same region, people that are of the same ethnicity, and even people of the same religion. 

When we think of the word global we often think about the earth and the people that make it the global community that it is today. Being a part of an ethnic community means, being among a group of people that share the same beliefs, history, tribes or nation. An example of an ethnic community that share the same experiences and history is the African American community. Their ancestors were ripped from their motherland and forced to come to the United States to work, where they experienced racism in the form of  being enslaved, and segregated,among other injustices. Whereas now this historic experience has brought the African American people closer as a group in order to fight for their freedom and rights. “African Americans had more than enough of prejudice and violence against them. They, along with many whites, mobilized and began an unprecedented fight for equality that spanned two decades” ( Editors)

Another community that exists within the global world is the religious community, which is mainly made up of people who share the same beliefs and views. To begin with there are many religious communities out there in the world. They tend to be Monotheistic or Polytheistic. Christianity is a monotheistic religionwhose followers believe, and follow one God. They may carry many different versions of their Holy Book, but they all read the same book and have roughly the same views. This is what creates religion and makes it a community. 

Communities have various types of people and each of them carries their own traits that makes them different and unique to each other. But what makes a Global community are the people who are a part of the many nations. We all share few things in common that connects us all in many ways. Religiously, economically and even politically.


Works Cited Editors. Civil Rights Movement. 2019

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Photos: Civil rights Movement. What is African AmericanCivil Rights Movement. 2017 Home and Home Going: Reflections on the Black Church. 2012 Charleston’s Black Leaders Want To See Justice As Much As Forgiveness. 2015


Part IV



In the photos above are examples of how African Americans are a part of a global community. In these images they are a part of the Civil Rights Movement fighting for their rights and freedom. These photos show how African Americans were segregated from everyone else because they were different.They also show how religion is also a part of a community and demonstrates how families and people of different denominations can come together as one. Communities come in many different ways and what connects them are the shared traits that they all carry. 

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