Latoya Chadwick

Prof. Sarah Paruolo

ENG 1101 : Composition l Essay #1

October 14, 2019

Essay #1, Draft #2


Part I

INDUSTRIAL Definition #1 (Noun): Used From The Meriam-Webster Dictionary

1: Of or relating to Industrial

2: Derived from human industry wealth

3: Engaged in industry the industry classes

4: Used in or developed for use in industry Industrial diamonds also; heavy duty an industrial zipper

5: Characterized by highly developed industries an industrial nation

INDUSTRIAL Definition #2 (Adjective)

1a: One that is employed in industry

  b: A company engaged in industrial production or serive

2: A stock or bond issued by an industrial corporation or enterprise


INDUSTRIAL REAL WORLD DEFINTION: The work Industrial is not used often in the real world, Its more od a description than the word used. Ex. Since the processing and production is at these factories we in the community are able to purchase packaged meat at local supermarkets and grocery stores. All we have to do is buy the product, we the community don’t do the work. The industry does all the work. We get the finished product.


           Industrial factories have provided opportunities for employment and resources for people in multiple communities expanding development and growth providing an easier way of life. There was a time when farmers and land owners provided slaughtering and butchering, packing, and sealing of the animals. Today my community and others are provided with these same products and resources through the manufacturing of these Industrial work places with provide beef products at supermarkets and grocery stores in my community.

            In conclusion, Industrial factories have provide opportunities of employment and resources in multiple communities expanding development and growth providing an easier way of life and living. As these opportunities and resources continue to grow it became more profitable. With new innovation and ever growing markets there is room to expand business.

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