How are you today? Do you have any idea of improving the design of the election system as industrial designers?

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  1. Industrial design is dependent on a lot of research, and I think that information is the greatest factor in affecting the current election system. Empowering the population to make informed decisions is instrumental to creating an effective democracy. There should be clear information not just on where each candidate stands and their proposed policies, but on the candidacy options that are available. Too much of the population is unaware of third party candidates, as well as the option to write-in a candidate.

    As for the design of the actual voting system, I still do not understand why in this age of technological advancement, we are still voting by paper ballot (and then additionally scanning them in). We should transition to a fully electronic voting system.

  2. Today I am feeling good. Survived the midterms and still going forward.

    Honestly we have to get rid of the Electoral College. But as for design I feel like we could make it in a way that is more accessible to people. I don’t want to have voting available online because it could be hacked and rigged but rather a system that is much more efficient. Many people were complaining that the process took a while or that there were a lot of complications

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