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  1. I was in class for actual Halloween so did not do anything. I think costumes can be a lot more interactive, reusable, and better designed, rather than be disposable garbage that is thrown away after a few hours of use.

  2. I enjoy the Halloween event. Double candies for Pokemon Go.
    As a designer, we can make better customs for kids.
    Create a pre-Halloween event, competition of Halloween customs.

  3. My Halloween wasn’t that great, I had a couple things planned but didn’t actually get to do any of them. Hopefully next year I actually do something. As industrial designers we can change decorations that people set up outside their homes to scare others, I’ve seen many that could use improvements.

  4. I enjoyed Halloween. You asked a good question, I didn’t think about it it as Industrial Designer. Now, I can give an answer I don’t know what there are possible to change. Kids used many different costumes, main think the costumes were not for Halloween only. Some kids used costumes from different cartoons, police officer costumes etc.
    In future I will think what is possible to change there.

  5. On Halloween I was in school so I honestly forgot about it. And yes I do believe we could make Halloween more interesting by designing costumes that could more fun and could be reused or modified.

  6. Halloween was fun. Its always great going out into the city around this time, everyone is always dressed to impress in there best costumes. With Industrial Design we can help improve the flow of people during the night of the parade. I think if there was a smoother flow for people to walk through the streets it would make the experience of the parade much more enjoyable.

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