Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My future as an Architect. That is the goal I am trying to reach and not give up right now. To follow my goal, I hope to get my bachelors then work for a couple of years and then hopefully open my own business and come to reach my goal from the beginning. I think that is a successful life to be in.

My interest in Architecture started out by curiosity. Always wondering  how tall buildings and skyscrapers in towns and cities were always able to stand and remain strong despite the heavy rains and winds. I was constantly interested in knowing how these buildings were designed and how the people who built them were able to do so. My curiosity about these buildings and their designs grew more and more and I became very inquisitive since I wanted to find out what it entails to design such buildings. I had an innate need to find out how buildings and houses were designed and put up. This need drove me to find out who was responsible for these unique designs.

I am now determined to pursue my studies in Architecture and fulfill my dream of becoming a leading architect. Architecture has always fascinated and intrigued me because it provides talented individuals an opportunity to express themselves through their designs. Architecture gives individuals the ability to show their creativity and innovation by coming up with unique designs and forms. My interest in architecture was inspired by its ability to allow one to come up with conventional designs. I was interested in architecture from an early age because of how people are able to defy all odds and hardships by coming up with persistent and strong building designs. I feel that no other field gives one the ability to express himself or herself as architecture does. I have grown to love architecture because it accords me the opportunity to express who I am. I am able to communicate what is in my mind through coming up with unique.