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Assignment #10

Product: Sprite

Target audience is anybody mainly kids who skateboard. between the ages of 13 and 25. The kids get an allowance or hold down some kind of part time job that allows them to afford a sprite.

product features: Refreshing taste, hydrating effect, pumps you up.

Product benefits: Stops you from being thirsty,

tone: excited and up beat, fast

Where the ad will play: The ad will play mainly on TV but can also be used on websites like youtube

Commercial Script:


Three kids walk into a skate park and climb up a steep ramp. The kid in the middle has a sprite


Two of the kids begin to dare the one in the middle to go down the ramp. At first he is scared and backs away from the edge a little. They taunt him some more and he looks down at his sprite. Smiles drinks it and jumps down the ramp landing every trick on the way down. He gets to the opposite end of the ramp and throws the sprite across and one of the guys catches it. He then takes a drink and does the same thing. screen fades to black with the sprite logo the bottle spins and it says obey your thirst.

shot list

establishing shot of park.

Kids walk into scene and walk to the right.

close up shot of kids climbing up the ladder to a large ramp

Cut in to kid backing away from the edge as he is being taunted

extreme close up of him drinking the sprite

he then goes down the ramp and we get medium shots of some tricks.

he lands on the opposite end

throws sprite across to the other guys


this is the extended one not the 6 panel one

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