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homework 1 -photo

Ivan Kelemen

The Honda FCX Clarity, is a fuel cell Electric Vehicle. This means it’s a relatively new type of car. Because of this I feel like it might not appeal to someone who is older so, my target audience will younger new car owners. As far as cars go it’s not that expensive so my target audience will be someone people between 18 and 40.

With this in mind, I think it’s better to show of the lifestyle of the people who use the car, rather than the car itself. Clint Clemens and Tim Wallace focus too much on the car. Clint Clemens takes pictures with lots of dept of field and blur out the backgrounds. He along with Tim Wallace also uses a lot of motion blur to show speed and power. Tim Wallace also likes to take very detailed close up shots which I like but I do not think would work with the idea I am going with because of the harshness of the details.

Don Dixon is perfect though. He takes many portrait shots and focuses more on people than anybody else. My idea is to take pictures of people who use the car. Rather than the car itself. Even though Don Dixon takes pictures of more serious business people I think he is the perfect person to show of lifestyle. I want to focus on lifestyle and say if you drive this car you will this kind of person. This being younger, hipper, more exuberant than the competition. I will show people in different places, for example, at the beach, near a river; at a race track or a sports bar. And explain through the pictures that this is the places you would go and this is the type of person you’d be with a Honda FCX Clarity. 

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