East Newyork

1)      What is your home zip code? 11208

2)      Does your community have a name? East New York

3)      What is the number if your community board? Community board 5 and the purpose is to create new projects, handles complaints and requests from local agencies.

4)      Who is the president of your community board? Nathan Bradley

5)      Who is the district manager of your community board? Walter Campbell

6)      Who is your current New York City Council Member, what communities does him or her serve, what council committees does he or she serve on? Inez Barron is the current council member and she serve on the aging, alcoholism and drug abuse, health, higher education, housing and social service committees.

7)      Who is your New York State Assembly member? Seat is currently vacant

8)      Who is your New York State Senator? Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer

9)      Who is your U.S Senators? John L. Sampson

10)  Who is your U.S. Congressional Representative? Hakeem Jeffries

11)  What are the basic demographics of your community? Total population is 94,469, it contain many different race, which include Hispanics, American Indians, African Americans, and many other pacific islands. There are a total of about 2,666 and 3,276 females: however, the age group varies depending on which on the families. According to a recent data, the average income as of a few years ago was about 32,942 for a person who lives in this area.

12)  What is the health status of your community? More than half of East New York and New lots residents (53%) report not exercising at all, compared to 43% of New York residents. Fewer than 4 in 10 residents in this community (37%) report exercising at least three days a week. According to the “NYC.gov” website, adults in east New York and new lots have an increasing risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. Although death rates due to HIV disease have decreased during the past decade in East New York and New Lots, they remain higher than in Brooklyn and New York City overall. High rates of HIV, East New York and New Lots have elevated rates of other sexually transmitted infection.

13)  What are the crime statistics of your community? Crime declined 70% from 1993 to 2010, with murders dropping to 33 incidents, representing a 74 decline for that category. East New York ranks 66th with almost 2 murders per 10,000 residents, even though felony assaults dropped 7% in 2010 to 746, robberies went up to 12% and rape spiked by 22% and helping to raise the overall crime rate by 2% of that year.  

14)  Briefly describe the educational/ cultural resources of your community? Throughout my community there are many different school. According to nyc.gov there are 63 schools in my community and around 4 libraries. There are also many different parks surrounding my community.

15)  Briefly describe the recreational resources of your community? There are many different parks which for the most part is clean; however, there are some park in my community where trees cover the exit of it. I also notice many volunteers who would clean up and cut the grass as part of community service. There are parks with tennis space and some even connect to a pool area where young kids and adult is able to take classes.

16)  Briefly describe the religious/ spiritual institution of your community. I’m not too sure about the religious however, there are a lot of Christian and baptism churches.

17)  Briefly describe the financial and business institutions in your community. They have many supermarkets and deli in my community. We also have many hair and nail solons, some clothing stores, sneaker stores and a lot of discount stores.

18)  Briefly describe the infrastructure of your community? Most of the roads in East New York have some time of damage. These include holes, bumps, lack of traffic lights and garbage. Some buildings are in good condition however, there are open lots where trees and brushes are now taller than most kids are. In addition, our street light works occasionally, most of the time people are walking on lonely Dark Street with many potholes.

19)  Three strengths: stores such as supermarket, deli, salons at the end of most blocks. There is a police station right in the area because lighten the danger for most people and finally there are cops on the streets and people around most of the time.

20)  Three issues of concern: there are many holes and bumps on the streets, garbage on the floor, and a lot of smoking occurs.

21)  Human service professionals should care about our community and society because it surround there career path. Once you are, inform about the problems community face, it is most likely you will understand the problem a person may face and their behaviors. After all, our entire environment does influence the person we are and the way we see and understand many things.

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  1. Dr. Georgianna Glose

    This is a good start, However, your NYS State Senator is John Sampson and the US Senators are Gillibrand and Schumer. The response on religious and spiritual institutions is very vague. B


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