Assignment #4

787 New Lots Ave

Brooklyn NY 11208


Honorable Darlene Mealy

1757 Union Street, 2nd floor

Brooklyn NY 11213


Dear Mealy,

I am currently living within your district, and I would very much appreciate your support in my effort to reduce the amount of teen pregnancies. Teen pregnancy is a problem surrounding most teens these days. I believe you should assist me to reduce this issue because more teens are ending up pregnant and dropping out of school. Did you know that nearly 3 in every 10 teen girls in the United States will get pregnant at least one time before the age of 20? To solve this problem, I propose that we increase the amount of sex education classes in high school, middle school, and even make it optional for elementary schools. Our young adults need to be educated about the different types of preventions, and the risk factors of unprotected sex. Unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases being the major reason for immediate attention. Rather than raising a newborn baby while they’re babies themselves, help me to help these young people accomplish a better future for themselves. With your support, we would be able to implement these actions faster which will help to decrease the chance of unplanned teen pregnancy.


Kumarie Singh

One thought on “Assignment #4

  1. Dr. Georgianna Glose

    Dear Kumarie,
    The salutation is not in proper form, it should be written:
    Dear Councilwoman Mealy,
    What specific action do you want the Councilwoman to take?
    It is not clear from your letter. In addition let her know when you expect a reply. Thanks


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