Background Information

Holidays! What a great season we like to see in our schedule! What do you imagine when you hear the word holiday? Vacation, food, party, dancing, happy hours and shopping.

Yes, shopping! Which is one of the main things people usually focus on during holiday season. Holidays is not only a great time for people to relax, but it incorporates a period of shopping which comprises a peak season for the retail sector, and a period of sales at the end of the season.

What does that mean?

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a war, which is shopping time. Prepare your ammunition… I mean your money, to win and take this battle down!


There are so many Holiday seasons in the year; which one should we join in?

Well, according to research, most big discounts are usually in winter holidays. There are 81% of people who shop during winter holidays, and 78% money will spend money in the gift categories. When people shop in holiday season, there are about 80% of gifts used for family and rest for their friends, co-workers and other.

According to my report, people usually spend about $750 on gifts; $750 is not a lot but it can only be used several times. So do they really spend whole thing on gifts itself? Or do they just spend more money than others? In my personal experience, people can buy a product under different payments, but why? How can they spend less money than others on the same product? Do they just spend some extra money on shipping? In order to figure out what and how, my research team finds all possible ways to save our bullets.. uhhh, I mean wallets. Yes! save more and win in this war.

Let me show you the way that how to save some money buying gifts during the Holiday season.