Final Project, Part 2

Due in class May 20th

Please make any edits or changes I recommended from Part 1 (10pts). Then revise your existing dishes in order to feed a complete meal to the following set of diners, including 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 desert.

You may not add any new ingredients to your list of foods, but you may borrow ingredients from other dishes as long as you have enough to create a full meal (ex: using extra milk left over from a soup recipe to add to a desert recipe). When possible, you must maintain the integrity of the initial dish (do not change a salad to a soup, etc.).

You must cite all sources you use, including online recipes. Please include a MyFitnessPal nutrition breakdown for each complete meal, as well as a 1 paragraph explanation of the changes you made.

Please alter your existing recipes to suit:

One vegan diner (15pts)

One gluten free diner (15pts)

One dinner with high blood pressure (15pts)

One pregnant diner (15pts)

One kosher diner (15pts)

Be prepared to present one of your menus (1 appetizer, 1 entree, and 1 desert) in class on May 20th. This presentation should be no shorter than 5 minutes. You do not need to cook this food. Your presentation should include:

The original dishes

The changes you made

An explanation of why you made the changes



Final Project, Part 1

Due in class, May 6

Please generate an abbreviated restaurant or celebration meal menu including two appetizers, two entrees, and one dessert. Each course must feed 10 people. This menu must be delicious as well as nutritionally sound, according to Eat Drink and Be Healthy. Every dish must include a nutrient breakdown and complete ingredient list (including spices and condiments).

Writing recipes is not required, but writing ingredient lists is. Please also specify cooking techniques that require additional ingredients such as frying (oil) or sautéing (butter, oil, etc).

Total Budget: $200

For each recipe please provide:

An itemized ingredient list with cost breakdown (4 points)

If necessary, include a separate ingredient list of pantry items (taken out of budget).

A nutrient breakdown from (4 points)

A 1 paragraph explication about nutritional balance, referencing sources. (4 points)

Answer the questions:

How does this dish fit into my menu thematically? (4 points)

How does this dish fit into my menu nutritionally? (4 points)

Resources: for nutrient breakdown— when entering data make sure to be conscious of portion size. You will be graded down if portion size seems incorrect. for budgeting.


Fad Diet Paper and Presentation

Please work in groups of two to select a nutrition trend or fad diet to present on to the class from the list below (additional ideas can be submitted to me for prior approval). Ten minute presentations must prove or disprove the trend’s efficacy, scientific validity, and safety by using scientific sources and nutritionally sound information. You will be graded according to the department’s rubric on in-class presentations. See below.

An accompanying two page individual paper is required detailing the trend or diet, and scientific sources highlighting the the validity (or disproving) the trend. This paper must also include one paragraph on how your group worked as a team, and what you contributed to your presentation. Please provide at least 3 sources in APA format.







Mediterranean Diet

Cabbage Soup

South Beach

Weight Watchers

Raw Food Diet

Oral Presentation Rubric HMGT




Diet Tracker Project

This project requires you to record and analyze your diet for three days using a diet analysis program that provides a printable nutrient intake summary. You must also track your activity levels.

Use to record everything you eat and drink for three days (must include at least one weekend day). This includes alcohol and sports drinks, as well as cooking techniques. We’ll go over an example in class.

The final product should include your weekly summary and your exported data.

Also include a 2 page assessment answering the following questions:

What surprised you about your eating habits?

Are you getting more or less of one nutrient than you should? Please compare daily ratios to those in Eat, Drink and Be Healthy. 

Identify one behavior change you would like to make based on this exercise.

What concrete steps are you going to take to accomplish this throughout the term?

Please bring these with you to class on Feb. 25th.