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To: Professor Abreu, Director of Service

From: Saltanat Mohamed, Student

Date: October 3, 2019

Re: New York Times Restaurant Review


This week, Pete Wells published a review about a French restaurant in Greenwich Village, which is called Frevo. The Frevo is a modern restaurant with a French sensibility in New York City, managed by Mr. Sampogna, and Franco Sampogna, who is the chef of the restaurant.


The Author describes the Frevo restaurant as an unusual place with extraordinary decoration. That when you get to the place, there is no sign that indicates the Frevo, and the hallway inside is decorated by real paintings which makes you feel like you are in the gallery, “the paintings are real paintings made by a real artist, Thomas Labarthe” (Pete Wells 2019). After passing the hallway, there is a dark room with padded seats, stainless kitchen, and a counter.


The Frevo restaurant has their standard five courses menu for $124, where you can get their savory halibut dish; the fish with dark mushroom marmalade and melted fennel; also a salad over humus that a size of a coffee cup and other a tiny sized delicious dishes. Besides their standard $124 menu you also, can order different plates for decent price, “for 30 you can get Kaluga caviar” or “$20 gets you upgraded to a foie gras torchon instead of the less-thrilling mushrooms with gnocchi” (Pete Wells 2019). The Frevo offers a reasonable price for the standard menu in comparison with other restaurants where they charge away more.


In my opinion, the Frevo is pretty elegant, a unique restaurant with a skilled chef and a good management. The restaurant attracts by its ambiance and decoration. The food seems to be perfectly prepared and presented. Although portions are small, I still do not find the price for the standard menu is high. So I would definitely dine in the Frevo restaurant, and recommend to visit this place at least once.


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