Online Exhibit Review #1: Show must go online “We=Link”

Online Exhibit Review #1: Show must go online “We=Link”

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the physical side of the world has been on pause. As a result, the digital side of the world has been utilized to the fullest. Musicians throw free concerts on YouTube and also many organizations and institutions are holding online webinars, workshops and classes. Even though the last thing I expected to see online was Exhibit, here is an online exhibit “We=Link” conceived and curated by ZHANG Ga of Chronus Art Center.

Online exhibition:

When you click on the exhibit link, you will see the list of artists’ projects as follow:

Projects are basically digital arts programmed with CSS and Javascript.

There was one artist that specifically captured my eye. This artist has journals of days of quarantine. Each journal differentiates in format for instance, drawing, digits and video etc.

And there was another artist who displayed a massive amount of typical expressions in well wishes.

정신과 영수증

This reminded me of a Korean author who wrote a journal with her daily receipts. 

Interestingly, I got the same feeling when I went to the physical museum. The feeling of quiet, fascinated, focused and curious. Overall, I enjoyed the experience of online exhibit very much.