Technical drawing

drawing 1

Geometric Analysis of a building plan.


plan 1

Developing a floor plan.

axon 1

Axonometric drawing

section 1

Section drawing

PARK PAVILION PLAN AXON SECTION\                                                                                      This Pavilion stands in New York’s Battery Park City . It has four columns at its center. also it has Doric and flat roof.

pavilion pan

Floor plan of the Pavilion

pevilion axon

Axonometric drawing of the Pavilion

pavilion section

Section drawing of the Pavilion

Long Island Historical Society building

This building was designed by George B, Post. It has three floors.  The first floor is an auditorium, second floor is a library and third -floor is a museum.


Plan of Long Island Historical Society building

8axon new

Axonometric drawing


Section drawing