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Assignment #1 Shelter

sketch 1

This shelter was made out of wood and grass. It has a floor that is 1 to 15 meters under the ground level

Assignment #2 Plan

real plan

22It is a church. It is from the ages of the Renaissance . It shows the feature of classic modern of the Roman.

Assignment #3 Porphyrios Pavilion

sketch 2

sketch 23sketch 333this Pavilion stands in New York’s Battery Park City . It has four columns at its center. also it has Doric and flat roof that make it looks unique.

Assignment #4 Masonry and Stone Site                                                                                             Each stone has different types of properties of natural materials

 11 (2) 2145

Assignment #5 Central park Sketchbook notes

Wood + Masonry Const.


17 8

Scan_20151120 (8)

wooden Swedish house in central park



Plan of the Vorhees entrance



Axon of the Vorhees entrance



plan of long island historical society building

331 (2)


plan of the library



first floor’s plan

structural system

structural system2Annotation of Structural Systems


Annotation of Exterior Wall Systems

extierio wall

Exterior Wall Systems