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My oral report was about International Paper Company.
the company started out in upstate New York and has expanded globally.
Its a paper, packaging & distribution company.

To know more about the company check out my presentation:



My name is Hortensio Arrocha,
I attend the New York City College of Technology.
I aspire to one day be able to work within Publishing field.
As of right now I am a full time student working towards my Bachelors
degree, during these couple of years of learning in depth about my field
I’ve come to realize how much Graphic Arts is around us.
It is important to acquire and absorb the skills we’ve been learning
because these skills are the key that will help us in our future jobs.
The programs I’ve come to learn are Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and
Quark which are vital in the Graphic Arts Industry.