I recently visited Time inc. with Professor Goetz and my fellow class mates. We had Nadine Ghosn as our host for the evening, she was very informative but I feel she was a bit evasive when I asked her about the outsourcing. I’m very concerned about companies in the industry we look forward to be apart of in the near future with outsourcing. It makes me question my future and the future of our fellow classmates.

At my place of employment they outsource desktop publishing jobs to India, which is a position that I or anyone of my classmates can hold. I remember asking Nadine about the outsourcing and she replies, ” its mostly work you wouldn’t want to do”. The thing is I want to work so that could have been a job I could’ve had. A lot of companies like Time inc. are giving work to emerging markets in a time when our own economy can use a lift. Overall it would be a dream come true to work there, I’m just wondering if there will be any work by the time I’m done and ready to join the work force.