Project Report:        “Know Your Body”

Class BIO2312 Lecture/Lab  Spring 2020


Sex: male/female:






Underlying health conditions:

Pulse: (provide readings and explain significance)

Blood Pressure: (provide readings and explain significance)

EKG: (provide readings and explain significance)

Lung Capacity: (we did not do the experiment in the class this semester, however you can discuss its significance with health and factors which can lead to disease)

Food Diary: (one week of food intake, calorific values, food groups, water etc. Also add the table to your report together with information on the Apps used)

Sleep Record: (one week of sleep record and its interpretation and Apps used)

Family History: (document any health issues in your family, age of onset,  life span etc.)

Conclusion/Take home message: (based on all data collected how do you see yourself 10/20 years from now and what you should do to ensure you have a healthy life when you get older)