semester project

Semester project: Due Monday May 13, 11:59 PM, so that I can provide feedback by noon May 14. Presentations are Wednesday May 15.

Instructions: Complete the writing assignment on a separate sheet of paper. Be sure to type up
your project in Times New Roman font (size 11) with double-spaced lines. Your write-up should
be no longer than two pages. In this project you will decrypt a message given a limited amount of information. You have intercepted a message which you know has been encrypted using an affine cipher
f(p) = (ap + b) mod 26:
Given the encrypted message and the value of a, find the original message. Your assignment should also include an explanation (at least one paragraph long) of how you found your solution. Could you have deciphered the message even if you had not been given the value of a? Explain.
Use the following link to obtain your “a” value and encrypted message:
You should turn in your project by submitting it to blackboard.

You may do the project entirely by hand or you may do it using a computational tool such as python, Java, C++, mathematica, maple, matlab, microsoft excel. If you do decide to use a computational tool, you should make that an integral part of your presentation.