The language for the class is python. We will be using for our work. To keep it free, we use python 2.  python 3 has become standard. Most of our code can easily be ported to python 3. However, it doesn’t hurt to know a few of the differences. For instance, print is a function in python 3. If you want to use print as a function in python 2, put the following at the top of your file:
from __future__ import print_function
Division is by default floating point in python 3 and we will explain options to address that issue during the course.

To get started, I encourage you to go through the introductory modules at More extensive classes (introductory ones are free) can be found at datacamp and code academy. I especially encourage you to use the Introductory course at MIT. However, keep in mind that all these courses are likely to be using python 3.

Instructions for the inclass lab work will be posted here. After the lab has been completed in class, I will post my solutions here before the next class.

M2440_0: solutions, M2440_1: solutions, M2440_2: solutionsM2440_3

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