The logo I have created emphasizes my initials in a big typeface to show the importance in my name I was named after my great grandpa who is still alive at age 89. I chose a orange-red gradient, and a sliver gradient to show my favorite colors and because it stands out. The orange red gradient is their to symbolize a warmness to my character and the sliver gradient shows my elegant side of design.

The eye in the logo represents visual creativity and the color wheel. The design behind this logo is to show my big goals in life, to show visual creativity, to show composition. Also, to conclude the big “A” looks like a triangle in order to show the “A” I’ve added a line. The history behind my logo design is I began to learning about the communication design and the color wheel theory and the colors that belong to it. In my design and color class here at City Tech now known as Graphic Design Principles I.

We learned a whole lot about paint and mixing color. The history behind the typeface it was used for Pac-man and this is where the font is from. I showed shapes, and some positive space between the abstract looking “A” and in between the typeface there. I add a line off to the right of the “A” to create an “A” looking letter. The history of the logo also, shows how I switched majors from architecture to graphic design that what the triangle represents due to the fact I used a triangular ruler to measure angles of object and for things on the blueprint and the colorful eye refers to the graphic design element.

Who Am I?


My name is Huseyin Akis born on December 24, 1990 in Turkey. I moved to Brooklyn, NY when I was 5 years old with my parents. I enjoy drawing, photography, swimming, playing videogames, partying. I currently attend New York City College of Technology in the AD program pursuing a Bachelor’s in Communication Design in Web Design or Broadcast Design. Mostly because of my interests in art, comic books, drawing, videogames, anime, cartoons, and Star Wars I have chosen to pursue a degree in Communication Design. I want to gain all the knowledge from my studies to become a successful designer.

For future and career goals I want to be a broadcast designer, web designer, art director, work for an Ad agency, freelance, and professor. I was in the Architecture major for 3 semesters then I finally came to realization that architecture was not exactly what I wanted to do. In all honestly I must say the major was too challenging for me to handle. I wanted to do something with art and learn how to use programs to create art. I hope to complete the Associates part of the Art and Advertising by next semester; so I can get a Bachelor’s in Communication Design in the either the Web Design or Broadcast Design module.

There are many courses I have taken I’m nearly done with half of my classes required for Art & Advertising. I have taken Raster & Vector, Publication Media, Figure Drawing, Foundation Drawing, Graphic Design Principles I & II, Typography I, Imaging Production Media, Communication Design I where I learned how to get better with Photoshop. The rest of the classes taught me how to draw, to use InDesign and Illustrator. The knowledge I’ve gained in all of these classes has helped me do better in my other Graphic Design studies. I became interested in Communication Design when I found out all the fun things my friend was doing in that major. That led me to trying out this major.

One of the magazines that have influenced me in pursuing a degree in Graphic Communications would have to be CMYK mag http://www.cmykmag.com and Communication Arts http://www.commarts.com they are so interesting and have some mind blowing creativity in the art works the magazines shows. Pixar the company that makes animated children films such as Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and etc have also been a good influence.