My Favorite Egg Photo

This is my favorite photo of the egg i took in class as a assignment. Not only did i just like the egg photo but the lighting of the photo speaks to me alot with strong composition and shadowing. The form of lighting in this picture is a side lighting and it reflects more light from the left side of the egg compared to the right side. Very strong shadow on the right side. 

My Favorite Photo

This is my favorite photo because the depth of field of the image is really focusing on the shoe. A very portrait like picture, very organized and still.  Has little bit of a mixture of close up with medium shot.

George Villarruel_Pattern&Repetition

In my story post “From Boys to Men in the south Bronx” shows a lot of mixed emotions and meaningful messages to the audience. “From Boys to Men in the South Bronx” was photographed by famous photographer Sarah Blesener. Sarah Blesener hooks the audience with the lifestyle that kids in the Bronx are growing up and going through hard times with gangs and violence. In the Story, they’re are many different photographs including Long Shots, Close ups, people and places, things and Pattern.