About Me

Hello, I’m Guadalupe Guerrero, I am currently studying on my Baccalaureate degree in Business and Technology of Fashion at New York City College of Technology. Anticipate graduating in June 2019. I posted some of the highlight works I’ve done as a Business and Technology of Fashion undergraduate student. Please enjoy my work and thank you!

Personal Logo:

Who is Pita G: 

In Spanish, the meaning of the name Pita is the abbreviation of Guadalupe. Therefore, Pita G identifies as a proud Latin American artist with analytical and critical thinking while being an eco-conscious individual. Pita G seeks to grow and learn from past failures to avoid the same mistakes. One of the characteristics includes adaptation, patience, and risk-taking that keeps an open mind to new ideas. The logo contains three colors, which represents the individual personality and favorite color.

Mission Statement:

A cleaner tomorrow by including fashion that uses more sustainable practices and biodegradable fabrics in everyday life. One of the ways to look at it is “One can only fail when they quit trying, aim for a better future without causing any harmful outcome.”


  • Pita G seek is to develop excellent general written communication skills.
  • Attend graduate school and Master in Science and Textile at The New School Parsons.
  • To work in the textile industry and gain experience in international development.
  • To gain knowledge and awareness of what is going on around the world.
  • The ultimate professional goal is to create a sustainable business in the textile industry.


  • One would read journal articles and books four times a week, sort it out and identify the main message. Practice and create brief drafts of analysis or thesis for a story.
  • Begin to write cover letters, improve resume and recommendation. Apply graduate school that obtains any textile industry and gain experience of the field.
  • Study and research technology, and identify textile texture by product knowledge. One would also volunteer or work overseas.
  • One would read and watch current international event daily through newspaper articles, news, and social media.
  • Create a business plan and build a network connection with experts in the field of sustainability or the textile market.