Wine and Beverage Management, Goodlad, Spring 2013

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    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    For the next quiz refer to your assigned reading in the text book and the OpenLab site for this class. The notes that were posted during the last two class sessions will be instrumental in developing your understanding of California (CA) and North American (NA) wines.

    Focus on the following:
    Name and identify significant people in the history of wine in NA and CA.
    Name and identify grape varieties that are MOST LIKELY to grow in a particular state
    Identify the state for given AVAs
    Know labeling laws and how to read a wine label of a wine from the USA
    Describe the climate of NY, Washington, Oregon, Los Carneros, and Santa Barbara



    When you say “Identify the state for given AVAs” , are you including sub regions or its just for example California – Central Coast, Sierra Foothill and North Coast?


    Prof. Karen Goodlad

    Know the three large AVA and then significant AVAs and sub AVAs within each. Use your text book as a guide.

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