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    K. Andrew Parker

    I’d like it if everyone would post here whatever it is that they’re currently working on with regards to WeBWorK development.


    K. Andrew Parker

    Right now, I’m working on a couple of things.

    1) I’m writing differential equations problems from scratch using MathObjects and custom Answer Checkers. I’m also trying to include relevant hints for each problem as well.

    2) I’m posting tutorials for basic/intermediate WeBWorK tasks for instructors on OpenLab. If you have any suggested topics for the tutorial, I started a discussion thread specifically for that purpose. I’d appreciate any suggestions you might have.


    Simon Smith

    I’m also doing a couple of things:

    1) Writing M1275 problems from scratch using MathObjects, so that they look neater.

    2) I’m working on generating multiple choice questions, where given wrong answers highlight misunderstandings (for example an inability to cancel correctly) that can then be used by the instructor to give more detailed feedback.


    Jonas Reitz

    I’ll be compiling assignments for MAT1272 Statistics this semester, and I’ll delve into writing some problems as needed. Do we have some standards we’d like to conform to for assignments? (e.g. number of problems per assignment, one assignment per class day or per week, etc?)

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